Monday, September 15, 2008

Prayers for this Week

Prayer Connection September 14, 2008

Missions is not just a “program” of the church. It is our opportunity to express our faith and live the life of Christ for one another. Help us be missionaries in residence! Amen.

Monday, September 15 Pray for the Flood Buckets and those who will receive them.
Pray for The Vision of our Church, service men and women, Monroe Howard, Edd Norton, Lindsay's Grandmother, Mason, Mike Reese, Mike Butler and his son William.

Tuesday, September 16 Matthew 25:31-46
Pray for Debbie Ewing, Jim Mundy, Mauvlline Lawson, Donna Jones, Joe Friday, Family of Carolyn Lee, Martin & Tarrah, Megan, Micha Lewis, Donna Jones family, Christy, Martha Haigler.

Wednesday, September 17 Pray for the Pregnancy Center
Pray for this Ben Sellers, Maw Bailey (Phyllis Reid’s grandmother), Rosa (Phyllis Reid’s great-aunt), Chuck Geisinger, MacKenzie Lynch, Sasha, Chelsey Queen, Debbie Ewing, Marjorie, Tom and Nancy McClement, Patty.

Thursday, September 18 Amos 8
Pray for this church—pray for those we have not seen in a while and pray for God to use us to reach out to them, Sara and Greg Altizer (friends of Jennifer Barker), Ellis McIntosh, family of Jessica Crouse.

Friday, September 19 Pray for the hungry in our world.
Pray for the ministries of this church and for the new Lake Norman District and new Bishop.

Saturday, September 20 Pray for the CROP walk and for the Christmas Shoe Boxes going to Armenia.

Thursday, September 11, 2008