Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sunday was my turn in the Nursery to workMy heart wasn't in it; and my feelings were hurt;A child from its Mother did not want to partAnd it cried at lot with its broken heartI prayer that soon the hour would endThen I could relax - no more children to tendSoon the hour was over - felt good to be freeI said, "Once a month is too much for me"That very next Sunday as I sat in the pewA very good sermon but visitors were fewBut down came a woman and her soul was savedAnd she was that Mother of that crying babeThen it dawned on me that I had been a partOf one being saved - giving God their heartFrom that day on I never would dreadWorking in the Nursery while souls were being fed......

***Remember to sign up before this Friday! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Mission Tree...

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What a great response we are having to our children's mission tree. Just look at the beautiful Valentines Mrs. Scottie & Diane Helped the children decorate in Sunday School! Mid February items will be taken down and donated to Levines Children's Hospital.

UMYF Supper...

Linda D. & T'lene
Harrison enjoying his pinto beans...

Looks like Maci snapped Howard with the camera!

Thank you to the Youth who helped and the UMW.
Together they raised $488 for the UMYF Ski Trip.

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Children's Worship Time Volunteers Needed...

Children's worship is a very special time of our worship service together on Sunday morning.
Please be in prayer for the persons who will continue to volunteer their time to this minsitry.
We all have something very special to share in our faith with the children of this church.

Psalm 90:16
:Let us see your miracles again; let our children see your glory at work. "

Nursery Volunteers Needed...

Please click on the link above to sign up for nursery services for the year 2009.
Even if you are currently on the nursery volunteer list for 2008
please sign up again in 2009 to show your interest and commitment.
A revised nursery schedule will be complete by
Sunday, Feburary 1st,
so please sign up before this date.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Begin Your New Year with God

You are invited to make your relationship with God a commitment for the New Year! Join us for Worship on Sundays, 9:30AM. We will begin a new Sermon Series in January called "Bumper Sticker Faith!" We will explore some popular bumper stickers and talk about how they may or may not contain our faith!
Then it will be time for Lent and we will explore the book The Shack and use it as a guide in our Lenten journey!

You are welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon!